Intown Coffee and Store Startup Announce Partnership to Improve Customer Experience

Intown Coffee has partnered with Store Startup to provide an improved online experience for their coffee subscription and online customers.

Steven Johnson
by | Posted: February 20, 2014 | Updated: February 20, 2014

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Intown Coffee and Store Startup ( an e-commerce software company, have announced a partnership to improve Intown Coffee’s online subscription experience.

This partnership brings together Intown Coffee’s pursuit of a great cup of joe and Store Startup’s desire to streamline and improve the online shopping experience for coffee fans around the world.

“One would think that finding an e-commerce solution that also provides subscription-based services would be an easy task,” said Steven Johnson, head coffee guy, Intown Coffee. “We have used and tested all the well-known online subscription solutions and found them to be lacking in the overall customer experience. After a long search we finally found Store Startup.”

The strategic agreement between Intown Coffee and Store Startup will provide consumers with the latest and easiest to use tools to start, stop, pause and manage their subscription.

Store Startup’s subscription software was developed by Andrew Schmid, co-founder of Store Startup. “We wanted to create a simple solution for managing a subscription-based business.” Store Startup’s subscription software provides a simple and easy platform to manage recurring subscriptions. According to Andrew, “We were very excited when Steven called us. His fresh take on online coffee sales and commitment to customer service made him an ideal partner.”

Store Startup has a strong focus on the latest web technologies in the intricacies of online subscription services,” said Steven Johnson, head coffee guy, Intown Coffee. “Both Andrew and Benjamin have been extremely helpful in the implementation of our redesigned online store. We would not be where we are today without their advice, experience and expertise.”

About Intown Coffee ( -- Intown Coffee, located in Atlanta Georgia and established in 2012, is focused on specialty coffee or artisan roasted coffee. Products include monthly coffee subscriptions, coffee gifts, brewing equipment, and reviews.

You can learn more about Intown Coffee’s products and services at

About Store Startup -- Store Startup, located in Tampa, FL, is a software company with a primary focus of helping people sell their products and services online. The company offers ecommerce software, subscription software and delivery software.

You can learn more about Store Startup’s subscription software

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