Corner of the Cafe Website Review

Corner of the Cafe is the real deal. The specialty coffee reviews are honest and helpful, creating a true sense of the flavors in the cup & the whole experience. The site is run by Drew Moody a former barista & true coffee lover and well worth the read.

Steven Johnson
by | Posted: November 14, 2013 | Updated: April 2, 2014

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Corner of the Cafe Review Website review

Corner of the Cafe is run by Drew Moody, a true coffee lover and excellent writer. The site focus on Specialty Coffee and Cafe reviews.

Drew has worked in the industry for ten years before starting A Table in the Corner of the Cafe. The site is has a wealth of information presented in an easy to understand fashion. Posts are made frequently so your know the info is current and dialed into what is happening.

The site is powered by Wordpress with clean design. The site does not appear to be responsive so it may be the most mobile friendly experience. Would be nice if the font was a bit bigger. None of this is a deal breaker because the information is so good.

Site Breakdown by Section

Coffee 101

This section looks like it was created when the site was first started and it is intended to give people new to coffee a solid introduction. There are not many posts here but there is an interesting post about the Coffee Belt. You may or may not know the information but it provides a great overview of what types and where coffee is grown in the world.

Brewing Methods

This is a section of Coffee 101 that covers way that coffee can be brewed. From the Clever Dripper to the French Press to the Chemex. Drew has assembled a pretty sweet overview to some innovative ways to brew coffee.

Some of the brewing methods described:



Coffee Reviews

Here is where the site really shines, so many coffees are explained, reviewed and discussed. Posts are frequent and written in a clear imaginative style. Excellent insight into the entire process of who / where / how the beans were grown, roasted and cared for.

Example Coffee Review:


Coffee Shop Reviews

Drew does not stop at coffee he also blogs about different coffee shops. Drawing on his ten years in the coffee industry to provide a clear picture of that shop’s menu and experience.

Other Reviews

finally there is a section that covers hardware, alcohol, and tea. Not as much information here as the other sections but this is a catch all area for interesting reviews of items that are are not coffee or cafes.
The last two section are bulletin board and news. Here you will find info, games, and what is happening with the site. It add a nice dimension and rounds out the site nicely.

Final Thoughts

A Table in the corner of the cafe is a well done site, with great information presented in an easy to access way. 

If you are a fan of specialty coffees, it is well worth pulling up a chair in the corner of the cafe.

-- Steven

Steven Johnson

Steven is a web developer and big coffee enthusiast. He lives in Atlanta, with his wife and two little girls.

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