Thoughts on 2013

It has a great year, learned so much, visited so many great coffee shops and coffee blogs. Lets wrap up 2013

Steven Johnson
by | Posted: December 31, 2013 | Updated: January 13, 2014

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It has been a great year for Intown Coffee. We have gone from just an idea and enthusiasm for coffee to an actual site with paying customers. In regards to the coffee I have tried some great ones and come a long way from drinking what ever was available.

Site Progress

The site has come along nicely especially the blog. We are making good posts and only expect to make more in 2014. 

If it works out and it seems like there is an interest we will create a roaster directory. Roaster names, websites, addresses contact info. Not sure if this exists on the web I have not seen one. If you know of a great roaster directory, put the link in the comments.

We are working through the details about getting the recurring subscriptions working correctly. Also hope to really improve the product listings and provide great information to help everyone find the right gear for their brew.

Product Review Progress

We have a great temperature monitoring setup and can wire up just about anthing and sample the temp every second. Looking forward to seeing how hot various coffee makers actually get the water.

After some coffee maker reviews we plan to round up all the different electric kettles then probably as spring gets here it will be time to do a nice cold coffee round up and tasting. 

Subcription Progress

We have meet many great roasters and tried some great coffees and will have some great roasts to go out in 2013. If you know of any good roasters we should check out. Sent them to our partner page or post them in the comments and we will check them out.

See You next Year!

In 2014 We hope to attend the Big Eastern in Durham, create some great coffee maker reviews, and continue to drink some really good coffee.

Hope to see you around in 2014. -- Steven

Steven Johnson

Steven is a web developer and big coffee enthusiast. He lives in Atlanta, with his wife and two little girls.

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