Michael Wright of Oil Slick Coffee Interviewed by Intown Coffee

Intown Coffee interviewed Michael Wright Owner of Oil Slick Coffee Company about their history and thoughts on specialty coffee roasting.

Steven Johnson
by | Posted: December 30, 2013 | Updated: January 13, 2014

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Intown Coffee (http://www.intowncoffee.com) interviewed Michael Wright, owner of Oil Slick Coffee about the company and his thoughts on the coffee roasting process. They discuss how Oil Slick Coffee was started, equipment used and coffee roasting in general. Read the full Oil Slick Coffee Company Interview.

During the interview, Michael discussed his first experience when he knew he wanted to roast coffee.

“My first exposure to an actual roasting machine was in a Eurocafe in Sterling, Virginia. They have the roaster right in the shop where you can see and smell it and I thought that really underscored what freshly roasted coffee is — it is roasted right there, not in some far-away roasting plant by faceless, nameless people. This guy used this beautiful red machine to roast delicious coffee, for me. I've wanted to open a coffee shop for a long time, and long before that experience, but it was that experience that cemented the desire to roast the coffee myself.”

When speaking about his favorite flavors he mentions. “I prefer a coffee that is clean, well-balanced, interesting, and demonstrates characteristics unique to the coffee's origin.”

Intown Coffee asked about the best way for individuals to start home roasting. Wright details how he started and gives some great suggestions on websites to checkout.

Learn more about Oil Slick Coffee Roasts and checkout their site. 

About Intown Coffee (http://www.intowncoffee.com) -- Intown Coffee, located in Atlanta Georgia and established in 2012, is a specialty coffee company with a focus on single Artisan Roasted Coffees. Products range from a monthly subscription of single origin coffees from the best micro roasters to an online store with the best gear and equipment for brewing the perfect cup of
coffee. They also maintain scientific and unbiased product reviews.

About Oil Slick Coffee (http://www.oilslickcoffee.com) -- Oil Slick Coffee is a boutique coffee roaster located in Alexandria, Virginia.  Our focus is on sharing single origin, specialty coffee, allowing you to experience the unique flavor characteristics imparted on the coffee by the local soil, local climate, local farm elevation, etc — everything that makes up the local terroir.  Terroir is what makes an Ethiopian coffee explode with hints of berries or a Sumatran coffee to be full of earthy, nutty flavors.  We enjoy exploring these differences and want to share that journey with you."


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