Interview with Aaron Fujiki, Acaia Coffee Scale Designer

We talk with Aaron Fujiki, designer & one of the driving forces behind the Acaia coffee scale. Acaia has a minimalist design & full feature set.

Steven Johnson
by | Posted: December 7, 2013 | Updated: December 8, 2013

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Aaron and team are currently in Taiwan, improving the featureset and starting production on the Acaia scale.  

They just implemented a new stopwatch feature, and managed to get more parts to increase the production of the Pure White option (about 100 pcs). This particular color have proved more difficult to make.

If you are interested in other apps for the Acaia, they now have 2 backers at the api pledge level. So we can expect to see others develop apps that can work with the Acaia scale.

Acaia Kickstarter, become a backer or learn more about the project and how much funding they have so far.



Aaron was kind enough to take some time out to answer a few questions and snap a few production images.

Q. We were all very excited to see this new scale. While the scale feels new to us, I am sure it does not feel new to you. How long have you been thinking and working on this idea? What have the past few months been like?

Fujiki: Quite often, I ponder on how to make coffee brewing easier for everyone, so anyone can enjoy a nicely brewed cup of coffee, last year, I talked about this with my partner Rex and we came up with all sort of crazy ideas. Eventually, we came up with the idea of Acaia coffee scale, because measurement is an important factor in coffee brewing, and this is also the most difficult part for most people, and Rex purpose to solve the problem of measurement (since he is a tech guy), as for me, I'm more of a product guy, since I have lots of complain on the coffee scale on my tabletop, I want to improve the design and the usability of it. So we teamed up and start to redesign a coffee scale, a really smart and a well designed scale that can help people brew better coffee, and this is how the Acaia is born.


The past few months is both hectic and exciting, because we need to put off everything that we were doing and focus on the Acaia project, it's not easy because we need to build everything from the ground, and working on the hardware and software at the same time is really a big challenge. Most of all, we drank a lot of coffee. A lot.

Q. Acaia looks great and has easy to use functionality. Do you have any background in design and software creation?

Fujiki: I have been involved in design and manufacturing for Apple related accessories and products. I have always loved the design aspect of these products and I have learned a lot during my projects related with all these great products. Mobile phone / tablet accessories has bloomed to become a major industry and there are so many great design and talents in this field. So I always wanted to bring these great designs into living, and this is how Acaia started.


As for software creation, Rex has been developing and founded other software companies. He was graduated from Duke computer science and has a broad knowledge of different technology. His expertise and strong connection with the scale technology makes him the best partner for this project.

Q. How has the kickstarter process been? Many people know what it is like to be a backer or supporter. What is it like when you are project creator?

Fujiki: Totally surprised, happy but also worried, because we want to make the best product for our backers! We were really worried that maybe people won't notice our project or like our idea and design of the acaia coffee scale, we really couldn't sleep well ever since we submit our project, but it turns out that the acaia is kind of well received in the coffee world, we did not know there are so many people around the world are willing to supporting us, its riding on a roller coaster, everything happen so fast, but it is a good experience and we learned a lot from being a project creator, being a coffee lover and being able to contribute to the coffee community one of the best moments in our life.

Q. What is the best way backers can promote the project and get the word out about the Acaia Coffee Scale? Tweets? Facebook? Coffee forum posts?

Fujiki: Anyway possible! Tweet about us @AcaiaCoffee tell us what you like about the acaia coffee scale, like us and share the acaia with your friends and family on Facebook, and you can also spread the words on the coffee forum or blog about us.

Note: We created a spread the word section at the bottom of this post.  It has several easy things you can do to spread the word. Any you can even copy paste them. Does not get much easier than that.

Q. Finally about the coffee, what are your favorite types / regions / roasters? Any particular roasts you are enjoying right now?

Fujiki: My favorite coffee is Jamaica Blue Mountain from RSW Estate. It has a lot of flavor, sweetness and complexity. It is also the first pour over coffee I made and therefore I have a special fondness for this. I started with city roast but recently my taste has been changing a bit into more medium roast. A friend of mine just shared with me last week for a light roasted Panama Geisha from Hacienda La Esmeralda, the aroma is incredible and full of surprises. I think one the best part of making this product is that I have also learned a to more in the field of coffee and it helped me appreciate every cup of coffee I make, and made my coffee even better then ever.


Production Images

Aaron was kind enough to send us some "hot off the presses" images of the Acaia in production. (pun intended)








Thanks so much to Aaron, Rex and the entire Acaia team!

We are very excited about their project and looking forward to seeing it get fully funded, created, shipped and put to use.


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1. Email. Send a quick email to any friends who love coffee. Copy/Paste this text and modify as needed.


Hope you're all doing well.

I found this cook Coffee Scale Kickstarter project that is almost funded.

It has a cool minimal design and a full set of features along with an iPhone app.

Take a look and consider backing if you think it looks awesome.



2. Facebook. Here’s what you can post on Facebook:

Attention Artisan Coffee Fans! Here is a cool coffee scale kickstarter project and it is close to being fully funded. Check it out: 


Questions / Comments? 

Have any questions for Aaron and Team? Thoughts about the project?

Post them in the comments and we will do our best to get them answered. 


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